Here are some new items that I have added to my collection.

I will update this as and when I get new items.

Thanks for visiting.



Lovely blue print Strachan, Aberdeen champagne style ginger beer bottle.

Absolutely clean as a whistle (thanks Pete, you're a star) and undamaged.





Lovely crisp black print Sang's, Aberdeen, champagne style stoneware

ginger beer bottle. Excellent clean and undamaged condition.







10oz Horowitz, Johannesburg, hybrid. This and the next bottles are

 all gifts from a good friend, and an excellent bottle collector from South

Africa. Many thanks Martinus, I love these bottles.





A 6oz Horowitz Shaw's patent, Skittle shaped mineral water bottle.

The lion trademark on the Horowitz bottles is great.




A 10oz version of the above bottle.

This is a lovely colour.





A crystal Springs 10oz, four lug skittle Codd bottle.

Nice water spring trademark.




 Ziman Bros, Pretoria, clear glass 6oz Shaw's patent

 Codd bottle. Very unusual to be in clear glass.





One of my favourite trademarks on a

bottle. Schilling Aerated Water Codd

Hybrid.  Look how crisp this is!!

Reliance patent 10oz Codd Hybrid from the Crystal Springs Co,

Johannesburg.  This will be an excellent bottle once I've tumbled it, which

I plan to do very soon. I need to make some space for all of these bottles!!