Restoration Pages

I started restoring bottles that I had dug myself many years ago, as it seemed such a waste to throw them away just because of a crack or a ding. It was purely a matter of trial and error, and although I had some good results early on, I was always striving to achieve better repairs and more realistic looking bottles, lids etc. To this day I still experiment quite a bit, as I am of the firm belief that you are never so good that you can't learn a little more. I enjoy restoring items to their former glory, and take much pleasure in seeing the end result (though there are times when I think I may never get there with some pieces!) I never seem to have enough time to do as much as I would like, and this is the most restricting factor in my restoration, as I also work full time.

As well as restoring pottery and ceramics, I also polish glass for much the same reasons as the other restoration. Once you had the bottle out of the ground, it seemed a shame to throw it back just because it had a scratched, cloudy or dull appearance. I have lost count of the amount of pieces I have done, but have posted some pictures of my work on the site so you can look at them on the pottery and glass repair pages.