Solway Diggers





Who We Are

Solway diggers is a club made up of a small number of Cumbrian enthusiasts, who have a shared interest in pottery and glassware from the Victorian and Edwardian periods of history. This is largely acquired from excavating rubbish tips and middens from this period and recovering artefacts which were a part of everyday life at the time, but are now forgotten.

Our members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds:

Chairman   Peter Wise - Director/Owner of Peter Wise Limited

Secretary      Tommy Akitt - Director/Owner of Akitt Technical Limited

Member     Phil Hetherington - Landowner/Farmer/Businessman

Member     Andy Little - Retired Headmaster


What We Do

By researching old records, maps, documentation and tapping into local knowledge, the club endeavours to discover potential sites of interest throughout Cumbria and further afield.  Once located, we contact the relevant landowner and seek permission to carry out an excavation on the site.


How We Do It

Insurance: Solway Diggers is backed by both public liability and employer's liability insurance, for everyone's peace of mind.

Health & Safety: Health and safety are paramount during our excavations so prior to commencement of any work we carry out a full risk assessment of the site and perform a CAT scan for services and cables. In order to preserve the safety of personnel on site, relevant PPE will be worn at all times during the excavation.

Security: Where it is deemed necessary, we will erect a barrier or security fence to protect members of the public, club members and equipment.



Solway Diggers consider references from landowners a vital part of the process, in order to make sure that we enjoy the best possible relationship with them. We try to provide some kind of service to the landowner, in exchange for permission to dig on their land. The land is also reinstated to the landowner's specification on completion of our excavations and then a reference sought from them.

If anyone has information on any sites that may be of interest to us, please e-mail me at :